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The Phone Directory is a very simple site that is composed of a pool of writers and web developers. It is affiliated with Spokeo.com in order to bring reverse phone lookup to people who are in need of it. The concept of developing a site like this was conceived by continuous learning and research on the latest technologies online.

Since the owners of this website agreed that they will create an affiliate for Spokeo, this site was created. Now, it is reaching to so many people especially in the United States of America.

You have to understand that this site is not rendering services. Because the services are solely rendered by its affiliate. So if you have any problem or any questions regarding the services of its affiliate, the administration of The Phone Directory cannot help you. You have to go to its affiliate’s website.

The writers and developers of this site are paid. And when it comes to the content of the site, they are researched by the content creators.

With that, this serves as DISCLAIMER:

  • That The Phone Directory does not own the graphics, the audios, videos, and the like that are published in here. The site does not necessarily give credit to the owner of the graphics, audios, and videos. And just in case you own one and you don’t want it to be published here, you can contact us.
  • The site does not provide any legal or medical services. It is meant only to share information that are also products of research.
  • Any publication, reproduction, or sharing of materials from this site is prohibited, unless a permission was given by its administration. So if you really need a published material here, you need to contact us and provide a good reason why we should allow you to use our property.
  • The administration of this website has the right to change anything or deactivate this website without any notice.

Thank you for visiting our site. We do hope that you will enjoy your stay and find what you are looking for. Don’t forget to contact us if you have any problems. And we will response the quickest we could.